XAware Engine
The XAware Engine is the run-time engine companion to the XAware Designer design-time environment. It is capable of running and managing concurrent web services, where each service may be invoked through different Connectors and data accessed and transformed through multiple Adapters. It is multi-threaded, scalable, clusterable, optimized for XML processing, highly reliable and offers high volume transaction processing capabilities. XAware Designer is used to create and package services into XAR files (similar in concept to an EAR file) which can then be deployed to the Engine.

XAware Engine Graphic

The XAware Engine can be deployed on Application Servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, GlassFish, JBoss, Oracle 9iAS, Sun Java System Application Server), on Web Servers (IIS, Apache Tomcat, Jetty), embedded within custom applications or deployed stand-alone.

To learn more about our core technology, view the Technology Overview Whitepaper or view the Technology Overview.

XAware provides a feature rich management console, accessible via a browser, for monitoring and managing the Engine and deployed web services. Features include detailed statistics (also accessible through a standard compliant SNMP agent and MIB), log viewing and management, resource control, and deployment statistics along with other useful features for troubleshooting run-time issues.


  • Simplified statistics filtering for management of large applications
  • Expanded statistics for Connectors and BizDocuments, BizComponents and BizDrivers
  • Component level error counters
  • Reset function to restore statistic counters to server startup values

The technology of the XAware Engine is essentially a processing engine for executing XAware metadata files. Once a client application requests a particular XML view or service, the Engine associates the request with a particular set of metadata files and processes those files, returning the results to the requesting application.

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